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About Sarah

Sarah Gordon is an artist and printmaker working in central London. 

Her designs  have been used in the making of music videos for the likes of George Michael and her illustrative work has been featured in various anthologies including ‘Ink+Paper’, We Are Words and Pictures‘ publication ‘Paper Science’ and Tom Humberstone’s ‘Solipsistic Pop’. In the past she has curated dance evenings for cardboard robots and is currently attempting to portray all 193 of the delegates who make up the Monster United Nations

Sarah's work, though often visually varied, centres around her core interests of pathos, moments of absurdity and noticing the sublime in the mundane.

Outside of her core work, she also collects photographs of abandoned banana skins and is trying to complete a card deck wholly from discarded playing cards found on the streets.

Through her creative practice she hopes to bring moments of unusual beauty, warmth and happiness into the everyday.